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4 Reasons Google+ Brand Pages Will Be Better Than Facebook’s [OPINION]

Well said, Mashable, well said.

We’re very excited for G+ Brand Pages here at Grey London.

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Young people 'bored' with social media

A key group of young users of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube users are using the site less and less, according to new research. One in four 18-29 year-olds told Gartner that their use of social media had declined since they signed up, with many citing boredom as their reason for the decline.

By contrast, other consumers, however, reported that their enthusiasm was unabated, as 37 per cent claimed that they were actually using social media more than they had been in the past.

Maybe they are sick of running into their mums/bosses/plumbers/nanny’s updates? 

I’ve said it before - the key to successful social network is manageable, filterable, human-scale networks. 

- Dan

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Social media is a force for the good, say Manchester and Sussex Police

Sussex Assistant Chief Constable Nick Wilkinson said: “While there has been a lot of focus on the negative aspects of the use of social media in other parts of the country, in Sussex we have seen how it can be a force for good.

“People are increasingly turning to police Twitter accounts for timely, accurate and honest information and we have seen followers across all our various accounts rise. We have been using Twitter to engage with people, to quickly dispel rumours and put people’s minds at rest. I would particularly like to thank everyone who has helped us with this and also express our gratitude for the enormous number of messages of support and appreciation that we have received.

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Ten Myths About Social Networking For Business

Myth 5: Social media is solely a broadcast channel.

Why it’s perpetuated: At first blush, social media feels like a cheap and powerful bullhorn. It is, but don’t be surprised when blasting messages in one direction–from you to them–only generates a trickle of traffic. The trick is to get people involved, and keep them involved.

Action plan: Since the dawn of retail, sweepstakes and giveaways have been a great hook. For ideas, query [your social network of choice] + contest or sweepstakes or giveaways on Google. Maybe you’ll read about how a computer store sold more laptops by holding a contest for free iPads that required people to make their entry on the store’s Facebook page. Formulate a similar marketing campaign that fits your niche. If you have a bakery, you could hold a contest for free customized birthday cakes by requiring participants to enter on your Facebook page. Voila! Not only have you scared up more customers, you also have an instant focus group to test your cakes and other goodies.

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David Cameron considers banning suspected rioters from social media

… that is all. 

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Riots spark a UK Twitter record. And that was just Monday.

Monday 8th August – after the initial unrest in Tottenham on Saturday night had spread to other parts of London on Sunday – saw Twitter’s biggest ever spike in UK traffic online, accounting for 1 in every 170 UK internet visits.

Data analysts Hitwise, who have pulled the figures together in their blog post London Riots cause traffic spike on Twitter, estimate that there were over 3.4 million visits to the Twitter homepage from the UK population alone.

‘To put that in context,’ they say, ‘Twitter received 15% more visits than it did around the super-injunctions scandal, the previous biggest spike in its UK history.’

Emphasis all mine. 

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The Habits of Highly Creative Marketers

Deutsche Post, ‘Social Memories’ 
Agency: Cosalux 
What business does a post office have launching a Facebook book? Germany’s Deutsche Post could have taken that foggy approach. But the brand’s department of innovation wasn’t afraid of making a digital leap with agency Cosalux. It found a way to translate people’s Facebook activity into a book full of gorgeous data-viz pieces showing how they spent time on the social-networking site. “It represented an opportunity to enter social media with something grounded in the brand’s history. It’s always been the bearer of people’s thoughts and feelings on postcards and in letters, and ‘Social Memories’ is the digital extension of that,” said Cosalux Art Director Stephen Horner.

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This is our London – social media shows itself as force of good in riot clean-up

The community struck back and began to organise, chiefly through Twitter, but using blogs and websites as well. It echoed in a larger way what had happened after the riots in Vancouver in June.

Early yesterday the hashtab #riotcleanup began appearing and it spread like wildfire, and it wasn’t just a bunch of tweets, it resulted in concrete action as people came together to organise a clean-up of the streets of London that had been affected by several days of violent public disorder.

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64% of Small Businesses Think Social Media Is Unnecessary [STUDY]

That’s not encouraging, Small Biz Owners. 

Social Media = Word of Mouth Online. Simple as.

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How social platforms have been affected by the riots

From @ispymarketing’s upraw blog:

Twitter has benefitted massively from an increase in traffic in comparison to any other site.  Why though?  Is this because people are able to gain uncensored information from the site, because the people contributing to the riots are using the site to communicate with one and other?

Well this are some of the explanations, but the main one is this: more people in London are inclined to use twitter than any other social networking site.  This is a statistic that has been available much longer than any of these riots and can be seen demonstrated in the table below:

Personally we feel that another reason for this is because you have the ability to talk and see information from people who are not your friend – whether this information is true or not, people don’t seem to mind as they get caught up in the sensationalism of it all.

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